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Installation Process

Initating The Process

The process starts off by the customer calling and giving us their land location or driving directions to their house.

Our Homework

We take this information and use mapping software that will give us a good idea on the availability of signal to their house.

Moving Forward

If it looks like there is potential for a successful install the customer signs up paperwork, pays the installation fee, and picks a day for their installation to happen.

When We Arrive

When the installer arrives on site they go over the installation spot with the owner that they feel would get the best signal for the customer.

What Gets Installed?

An antenna is usually installed on the highest point of the residence and a signal site test is performed to see if adeqate signal level is acheived.

Its All About The Signal

If adequate signal levels are not met, the installer will go over what could possibly be done to achieve stronger levels (ex install tripod or antenna tower) or will end the test and deem the install not possible. At this point installation payment would be refunded.

A Good Signal

Our installers will then go over the route to install the cable from the antenna on the outside of the house to the router inside the house. Ideally this should be a central location to ensure adequate wifi coverage throughout the house.

Ready, Set, Test & Connect!

At this point, the technician will ensure that devices in the home or business are connecting to the internet.

Congratulations, you are online!